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The son of a bus-driver-slash-bread-baker, "Julie" grew up in a large Italian family on New York’s Staten Island, where aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered often around Mom's seafoam-green formica kitchen table for “cake and coffee” — always an Entenmann’s crumb cake — to tell stories, argue about the Mets, and play cards with the neighbors. After seven years on merit scholarship at the prestigious Staten Island Academy, Julie left the borough for Harvard, where he graduated with a BA in English and American Literature and Language, with honors. He completed his training as a film director at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he was honored as an Annenberg Fellow.

Julio Vincent recently completed post-production on his first feature film, Team Marco, and is currently developing the feature family comedy, The Julie Stories.

In 2017, Julio founded Boro Five, an independent film and television content production company. He serves as Executive Producer of the company’s slate.

Julio has written and produced film and television content for Nickelodeon, PBS, E! Entertainment, and James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini. Learn more below.

Julio lives in Los Angeles and in Downtown Staten Island. He is repped by Parrish Entertainment.


Listen to Julio’s AM970 radio interview as he discusses the birth of Boro Five and the company’s debut feature film, Team Marco.



Nickelodeon • Julio served as a producer and show writer for the pilot and first and second season of Nickelodeon's hit new kids series, Paradise Run. The show, which shoots on the Big Island of Hawaii, follows three teams of two pre-teens as they tackle obstacles, puzzles, and games at the island's family-friendly luxury getaway, the Hilton Waikoloa Village. The show was nominated for a Kids' Choice Award in 2017.

USC • Julio earned his MFA in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, with a focus on directing and the business of entertainment. While at USC, he was chosen by the faculty to be the recipient of the prestigious Annenberg Fellowship. In 2013, Julio optioned a reality television concept called Master of the House to Stone and Company Entertainment, producers of The Mole, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, and NYC Prep. The show was sold to E! Entertainment. While at USC, Julio was chosen to be one of ten co-directors of James Franco's feature film, Actors Anonymous. Julio's USC thesis film, The Julie Stories, was the recipient of a Gold Circle Award from the Caucus Foundation for Producers, Writers, Directors. It screened across the country in a series of screenings and film festivals in 2017. The short was nominated for Best Comedy at USC's annual showcase of the film school's best work.

Freelance Heaven • Julio is the author of "Freelance Heaven: 100 Ways to Make Freelance Life Easier and Avoid Freelance Hell," now available at In the book, Julio offers practical real-world advice for freelancers of all kinds. Julio wrote the book after ten years of freelance work as a marketing communications consultant and web designer. Learn more about that work at

New York • Prior to film school, Julio was an actor and writer in New York, performing primarily with Theatre Askew, one of the city's leading downtown gay theatre companies. His hit one-man comedy, Julie from Staten Island, which he wrote and performed, ran monthly at New York’s Theatre Row for two years, 2008-2009. The show was the culmination of his exploration of standup comedy. He also served as a writer for Behind the Lyrics, a television pilot which was awarded an Emmy by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2006.

TAYPE • Julio is proud to be the co-founder of TAYPE, an after-school performing arts program for LGBTQ teens in New York City, which, for ten years, served the communities of hallmark gay institutions like Harvey Milk High School and the Ali Forney Center. The program was funded, in part, by the Time Warner Foundation.

Harvard • Julio earned his BA cum laude in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University, where he acted, sang, and danced in productions of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, while working part-time as a graphic designer. He has the rare distinction of having performed on every stage at Harvard and Radcliffe, including the mainstage at the American Repertory Theatre. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Caroline Isenberg Prize for his contributions to the performing arts.

Julio is most proud to be "Uncle Julie" to six: Joseph, Marco, Anthony, Milania, Nicky and Nico. He grew up in the Rossville neighborhood on the South Shore of Staten Island and is a graduate of Staten Island Academy, where he now serves as a member of the Board of Trustees. When he is not in production, he enjoys teaching the art of storytelling to creative and business teams in Los Angeles and New York. In addition, Julio is a Cabinet Member of the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, a member of the SIEDC Creative Council, and a founding member of the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere. Julio lives in Los Angeles and on Staten Island.



“Julio is the actor’s dream director. He creates a safe, creative, and fun environment on set for his actors — giving us the freedom to explore in our own way, with his sage guidance. Julio has a very warm disposition and makes everyone on set feel like family. That’s one of his truly unique gifts — even as he’s focused on steering the ship, he’s creating a camaraderie amongst the cast and crew that makes you actually look forward to the long hours on set.” - Natalie Peyser, Actor