Boro Five is a new independent film and television content production company, based in the heart of Hollywood and in the great borough of Staten Island — the fastest-growing content production hub in the New York TMZ. We make smart, funny, well-crafted movies and television content that is both creatively outstanding and has significant commercial appeal. Our projects are character-based, story-driven, and audience-focused. They are made to entertain and engage.

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Our mission is to make Oscar-winning movies and Emmy-winning television content that is enjoyed by audiences in the United States and across the world.

In doing so, we also aim to create opportunities for emerging talent to train and develop into Hollywood-ready craftspeople, to re-connect ex-pat Staten Island entertainers to their home audience in a meaningful way, and to be a valuable resource for shooting in our home borough.



We run as a start-up: lean, tech-savvy, and team-based. We have great pride in our craft, the industry, our borough, and in what the future holds. We maintain a culture focused on:

Craft. Outstanding craft is the result of diligence, organization, and both hard and smart work. At the root of our craft is story. Great content comes from strong story design, bold characters, and earned emotion.

Money. Every dollar is an investment in something or someone and will grow an important business relationship. We strategize our spending so our dollars have maximized returns and grow exponentially.

Good Humans. We don’t work with people who don’t work well with teams. Our product is a reflection of the people making it, so we surround our projects with smart, good-natured, hard-working talented people.